Quality control at every step

Being both suppliers & processors of food grains, we have implemented a sophisticated Quality Management System (QMS) at our plants that covers the entire supply chain. This has built customer trust & confidence as we are able to guarantee consistent quality and specifications using the QMS.

Food safety is paramount, so we constantly test every batch of production and follow robust, food safety practices.

Good Hygiene is part of our complete mill sanitation program. Adequate safety procedures are identified, implemented, & maintained on the basis of the principles of HACCP.

We have developed and applied accredited systems of work to ensure our business will always have the capability to:

  • have full control over all process-based activities.
  • complete all tasks & processes to adopted and formal standards of excellence.
  • consistently produce products to the highest standards of quality.
  • continuously evolve, adapt constantly in order to become more efficient and effective at what we do


All these are important to maintain the highest standards of production quality & Deliver the Best!! 

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