Nowrangroy Agro Private Limited

As one of the oldest companies in this business, we have developed as well as applied sophisticated milling practices and high quality control standards, over time, to ensure we serve our clients ‘quality’ and not just products.

We constantly strive to exceed our customer’s expectations through top quality controls, modern milling methods, expert packaging & shipping, and timely order fulfilment. The characteristics of wheat, and the flour it produces, are complex and delicate. It takes sophisticated equipment and considerable technical know-how to unlock its true potential. Our mills combine 21st Century technology with centuries-old milling skills to produce flours of unrivalled quality and consistency.

Our Focus

We choose the right wheat for you because your product performance depends on the quality of the flour.  Our Research & Development teams receive samples from all over the world and analyze every batch of grains carefully, to assess their suitability, to know if they will make great flour! Our quality control team specialises inspecting the right quality wheat to make the right quality flour. This way, we stay 100% committed to quality – both in our products and in our principles, right from the first step onwards. 

We have invested in the latest milling technology. Even with the best milling equipment in the world, it still requires exceptional human insights and skills to get consistently perfect flour to match customers’ needs.  Our flours are created with attention to detail to exceed the expectations of everyone we supply to.

We understand the process, we understand the market and we also understand the importance of flexibility when attending to customer’s needs & concerns. So whether you’re a major food retailer or a small artisan bakery, you are guaranteed the same high level of service and expertise at every step of the way up to the finished product. Our team ensures ontime dispatch & delivery of all orders 

Our Vision & Mission

is to serve our clients ‘quality’ not just products. We constantly thrive to ensure nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction, by the use of strict quality control norms, modern milling methods, expert packaging & shipping, and timely order fulfilment.

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